Hiring a female employee in India? – Think again


Indian men,
Do you own a company or business and planning to hire any woman ? 

Think about these 6 facts before you face your grave and fate of Bhartiya Mahila Bank.

Here is your food for brain work.

1.   You have to give her extra benefit ,extra incentives for nothing –just because she thinks she is entitled for it as she has a vagina

2.   You have to give her full salary for 6 months in lieu of maternity leave while she ‘ll enjoy to plan to ruin a man’s life after some years. Needless to say you’ll not get single return of work from her in that time .Even if you expect it or start giving her work from home opportunity—you are a patriarchal insensitive monster and oppressor of women !!

3.   She will file a fake sexual harassment case & rape case on her male colleagues ,even on you and your most efficient employee.As a result she will be given 90 days paid leave as per GOVT rule.Even if any of her male colleagues says “hi” or “good morning ” or send a smiley in office whatsapp group,she ‘ll cry sexual harassment (remember BSNL incident?) . Your male employees ‘ll join your rival group due to your sexism and biased behavior  and you’ll be left with a incompetent nagging self-declared victim who may cry rape any moment if you sack her or do not fulfill her financial demand.

4.   She ‘ll manipulate her male colleagues to work her share while she can apply nail polish and find a new rich “husband” on tinder . After some years you male employees will blame you (though it’s their fault.There is no credit in helping a woman just because she has a vagina) and leave your company. Her preferable and empowering self made work/no-work schedule may not permit your client’s timing.Her reluctance for not to work hard and not to work at night ( if she does ,then you are oppressing her by pushing her in to work ,if you sack her , patriarchy/your “man privilege” is to be blamed) may empower her ,but surely ‘ll not empower your client from different time zone.

5.  She will misbehave with your customers and clients (remember CCD incident) because she thinks she is entitled to do anything because India is a country where a woman is awarded for lying and making gang-rape stories.So you’ll lose your business credibility and market value and off course your clients.

6.  You ‘ll be forced to grant extra days leaves as “Period leave” just because you are a part of patriarchy and you are bound to sacrifice your schedule ,deadline and other employees just to empower her while she can enjoy the day at home. (if you don’t sanction leave or sack her ,you are a oppressor who is not risking his business to pamper her majesty )

You may argue women are more competent and efficient and obedient employees.. Ok,then good luck for you. Soon you’ll find me dancing and playing violin in funeral of your company .

Solution : Let those companies to continue their acts as a sycophant and face their end of business. You start your own,go for quality .Don’t fall in trap of hiring slu*s just to get some tax relief ,because you have a company to run ,not a who*ehouse.



Reality Distortion


Have you observed these days feminists are playing “reality distortion” games? If you were on the internet during the 90s, there were some channels on IRC which used to play this game. The game was something like this, one guy would come up with some claim which is not true, but he’d repeat it until rest of the group agrees to that point, the trick is making that claim so close to real life, people would believe it and then he comes back and share his thought manipulation.

Here’s how this type of games are working on most of the social media pages and feminist articles with clickbait titles.

1. Claim : “Indian women are treated as second class citizen. ” – Reality: Indian women get priority in almost everything in india, be it education, law, travel etc. But by combining the rape and molestation cases with this claim, you can distort the thinking of any woman.

2. Claim : “Women in india can’t walk on road at night anywhere”. Reality – Go to cities like mumbai, bangalore, pune, delhi and many others. Women are going out at night just fine. This is fear tactics to make men feel shame about not letting woman out at night. As if every woman who walks out gets raped.

What’s cooking in there these days?

Period leave : Does it add value to the company hiring women? No. Does it help increase profit? No. Who’s working on those days? men. Who’s benefiting? Women. Does it help society? no.

Like this there are many such reality distortion claims and they are manipulating people through click-bait titles and discussion.

Next time when you read such content check if it’s reality distortion experiment played through click bait titles.