Govt wants to stab you


Keeping in mind the security of women, the Delhi Metro Corporation has decided to allow female passenger to carry knives when they travel on the metro.

This starts with  news report .It says Delhi metro now allows women to carry up to 4″ knives.The excuse has been shown as woman safety.

So dear women,India is going to implement “Empowerment program for pick pocketers”
Lucrative career.
You can legally carry knives ,just use your pus*y pass.
You can threaten,rob, stab any man –Govt ensures you no punishment will be given.
Pick pocketing is her choice, and stabbing you for resisting her is empowerment.Are you raising your eye brows and thinking what is the relation between pick pockets and women.Then see.

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Realizing Genders in the Window of Hinduism related to Infertility and family values



Having children has always been important since time immemorial, and the continuity of the family unit has been of major significance in Hindu culture. Infertility is a social stigma even today, and Indian mythology is full of stories about what couples have done in the past to overcome their problem of infertility.

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