How bong women celebrate feminism


“A missing engagement ring helped the police crack the mystery behind the murder of a travel agency owner, Anupam Singha (32), and arrested his wife and her paramour from Barasat in North 24-Parganas . ” TOI Empowered Manua 

This was the story as it occurred in Bengal’s south part. Now North Bengal is not far behind to embrace the women empowerment in this era of feminism.After Barasat’s Manua ,here comes another “braveheart” girl of Bengal just to show you the real face of feminism and bong women’s true nature.

Read here:Barasat girl HT 

After all ,Bengal faced 35 years of spineless communist socialism that just broke masculinity of Bengal’s men and empowered women in terms of quota and privilege. Trivial result is bong men became pussies and pussies became predators. No need to mention Bengal is at the top of fake 498A and false DV cases  and defeated all states in that area. And Bengal’s masculinity changed from patriot anarchist to Jadavpur sanitary napkins. Bengal men and women previously fought for country now they go to JU and JNU to become anti national terrorist.You ”ll find 90% of terrorist agents who call themselves  journalists and off course a proud feminist,often writes “Woman oppression ” and “rape fantasy stories” with b -grade porn movie script in Akkarbakkar ,Scoophoop are from Bengal.You found the beauty in dark hair and fish curry figure of Bengal girl, but , do you know those insects who think fire is beautiful too? Bengal’s women suffer from “princess syndrome”. In a normal Bengali family ,daughter is much more privileged and pampered than the son as Bengal’s great feminine socialist matrilineal culture believes men are ATMs and women are avatar of Shakti .Yes ,most of the Bengal’s men are successful products of feminism — ashamed of their own gender,believes whatever a woman speaks, suffer from ‘captain save a hoe” syndrome and most importantly a pseudo pervert who lives in the world of secular liberal Utopia where they dream to get laid. Eight out of ten Bengal men run like a dog whenever a woman ask something .Whole cultural system has been tuned to “respect women ” and “blame men for everything” pattern. What you found “sankskar”  of bengal’s women ,it’s just another trap to catch a rich fish. No wonder Bengal also tops in adultery of women. Here women goes adulterous but don’t blame husband ,they blame their paramour after killing husband with her lover’s help.

But I must remember some of the prime enlightened men in era of new generation of restored masculinity and fighter of true gender equality by means of equal responsibility of women and equal legal rights for men are also from Bengal. As masculine force always gets companionship from true femininity ,these men also found some rare women on their sides too.

So, now ,another incident from Jalpaiguri just showed us exactly how they think and how much venom their mind posses. So the story continues here .

LIC Divisional Officer Uttam ,murdered by his wife Lipika and her paramour  Anirban by poisoning him in his fruit juice . She washed the floor as he vomited . They went to hospital to have a Govt sign on their murder but in fear of being exposed they came back to home.Then they bribed a doctor to have a fake death certificate. But unfortunately his brothers forced “abla bahu” to go to police and matter revealed. Now as the rule of feminism says– “Whatever a woman does is due to patriarchy” ,she is blaming her paramour,just like Barasat’s Manua.

Read the story  :Bengali ABP4thJUly
One Park Street rape can bring all bong pussylicker men in to road with burning candles but these incident?–well ,the communist brainwashed “half ladies real men” are busy in pussy worshiping and chanting “respect women” after shoving those candles in their arses.


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