Indian political misandry driving men towards violent anger

Open letter for Indian men——

(I am saying good bye to this virtual world of no hope left)
Nothing is going to happen.No page ,no man no ideology no truth no logic can save men now.Don’t expect anything from this cuckold Gov.

This is such a Govt where ministers say give women 1/3 conviction,all violence male generated,male children not under me !!This Govt is a typical gynocentric assembly because they are pseudo manginas,they are spreading misandry and torturing men and giving them glittering wrapping of traditionalism.It does not matter what’s happening–fact is all men are going to jail and she will be awarded for killing/stealing/extorting /lying.SO it’s a man’s duty now before going to the jail just end that parasite.

Viol*nce is the only way left.There is nothing to use as advantage.I don’t even want advantage .i just want equal treatment.Only rapid violence and it’s fierce outcome can teach political dogs the much needed lesson. The day is not so far,when violence will be only way to seek justice.may be not from those honorable pets but from eternal Lord.

Note my prediction,after 20 years ,Indian men will become so angry and misogynist, world will fear and shiver seeing it’s consequences. The most innocent one also becomes mighty and revengeful when his back touches the final wall.

Ultimately this world will stop having marriages n kids.Laws of ancient jungle will rule.
Marriages are already dead though. Men going for marriage are either suffering from uncontrollable lust or can’t find a prostitute or don’t know the scenario or are just severe level of mangina. Not just marriage entire society and country has nothing for men– a country who treat men like bonded labor and never respected their sacrifice and always had taken men’s service as granted and treated them as disposable items—————does not deserve good men .
Finally the day will come when misogyny will be a pride and will be so much justifiable that even manginas will follow it’s footprint.That day if you can remember this post once made in a page named “men Against Feminism” ,I”ll be happy to be remembered.


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