Roasting a commie mangina


If your choice of equality is equal outcome then you are another privilege beggar.Unfortunately equality to me is equal opportunity. I was expecting some commie .What you wrote are in your feminist doctrine. Prove it. People like you are the reason India has been degradtamulied .You people created hysteria . Your pea but brain sees sexism in college restriction but can’t see resent Guahati IIT fake molestation and woman only universities and college. Guahati IIT fake molestation
Your hypocrisy has no match.No doubt a typical leftist sick.
Your illiteracy shows it’s only mother who gives birth ,may be you are created by parthenogenesis ,but we don’t.Girls doing better ,but not getting nobels— awwww a pink quota for Nobel and Forbes!?? Your internal perversion and sincere effort to get laid is just an example how a JU feminist basta*rd has to escape over an online allegation of molestation. Read what happened in JU

Top 10 rich are mostly men ,why because they are capable to do it. Your Marxism failed to understand that at that level of economy there is no obstacle for woman.Harvard study says women spend 80% . They earn less (as you say) .So the money comes from air right?
All these wage gap calculation has been doea on the basis of all over total income divided by universal number of women.Woman spends more Statistically this is just a idiot’s tool.Why wage gap is a myth .Women are always paid equal for equal work.Forbes says . They chose to work for less earning job,work for part time jobs.That’s why they earn less. If you f**ng idiot logic exists then all companies will only hire women to get cheap labors and to maximize profit. Your semi literate brain does not know Bhartiya Mahila Bank completely run by women went bankrupt just in 3 years.
DV ,498 are not gender neutral.because a neutral law is the one that will stop NGOs foreign funding.”most are unreported” — if these are unreported how do you know it? Oo,I forgot commies are so intellectual to even read minds.Within reported and trial cases 71% were acquitted in 2014 as given data by NCRB.rti

You want mother’s last name,shift to Manipur. Basically what you proposed is “matriarchy” where ball less spineless manginas like you prefer to stay hidden and lick feet of womyn — as is shown in femdom. Manginas are basically emasculated ball less species. Femdom lovers.searching for mistress here.
Another man with wisdom says it perfectly
“No actually their parents never taught them to lean towards the weak side hence these are the pathetic results. I’ve seen women here giving opinions about men. But when the exact opposite happens, mass shaming continues and yet these shitty manginas support that. Hypocrisy is feeding in this page.”


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