Open Letter for Men



Dear men,
stop contributing this society ,this country.
They do not deserve you.

State wants your body as labor ,then will abuse you and throw you in trash.
They will always be slaves of women. Your cry will never reach to them.They will just suck you, loot your soul,brain,money to gift her .They use your sexual instinct and needs to manipulate you.Your lust for women, your try to get love all are just air bubbles.You are all alone.They are using you for their own profit.
The whole history of civilization is how men were manipulated and used to provide safety and comfort for women.Why prostit*tion is the oldest profession?Because you chose to serve her as she encashed her body to manipulate you.You fed her,saved her, she in return left you and runied you . You came alone , no one will accompany in grave too.
After all these betrayel why are you still expects good ? Being an opportunist in a doomed world is nothing but building castles in air.
Accept it that society has been turned into a feminized spiness institution, we men are succumbed in chains . Free yourself from this bond of slavery.Why to waste yourself for ungrateful society ?
Remember ,you are a man, you will never be recognized as a victim.Women have mastered in this game since beginning of human race. Equality is a myth and political perception.Even our fingers are not equal.Once you came to life with XX but you got evolved to do something great and then you got XY.
The way feminism moves it will end in a violent chaos and feminism will be then a policy to save endengared species.
Those men who are blindfolded by abstract slavery of love and heroism will soon realize they are nothing but an use and throw machine.These men are lost in way of lust and flesh , they can’t see the truth, they can’t realize their Queen’s true face.The day when they will get it, there will be no one to accompany them.History never stands for weaks and STRUGGLE FOR EXISTANCE is a fact.
Whatever you do for the 50% of population you will always be betrayed because well,hypergamy is genetic and beyond cure.
Yours sincerely


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