Govt wants to stab you


Keeping in mind the security of women, the Delhi Metro Corporation has decided to allow female passenger to carry knives when they travel on the metro.

This starts with  news report .It says Delhi metro now allows women to carry up to 4″ knives.The excuse has been shown as woman safety.

So dear women,India is going to implement “Empowerment program for pick pocketers”
Lucrative career.
You can legally carry knives ,just use your pus*y pass.
You can threaten,rob, stab any man –Govt ensures you no punishment will be given.
Pick pocketing is her choice, and stabbing you for resisting her is empowerment.Are you raising your eye brows and thinking what is the relation between pick pockets and women.Then see.


Now just think about this.You are travelling in a metro in Delhi and you don’t know you may end in hospital bed.So basically Delhi is going to implement safe robbery in metro .
And I can assure you , if any accident happens , it will be MEN to blame.
From false rape capital of India to Potential life threat for men——-that’s what transition of Delhi says and dear Delhite men stay safe , now pickpockets will be taken as act of bravery and you have high chance to get stabbed in crowded metro.
What a strange country ————— some people are being allowed to stab others legally !!!!!!!!!!!

While allowing women to carry knife might help them in self-protection, it might increase the risk of unwanted incidents happening in the metro. Less than a month ago it was reported that a 65-year-old woman had managed to sneak in an axe passed the security check, which she used to attack a co-passenger following an argument over seat.

Now see this too, how Delhi became Rape capital of Indiafalse capital.JPG

So it has become a trend if anything goes sour or not women now cry rape. They have made the heinous crime of rape a joke.


Even Delhi courts are anxious about false rape cases. Now metro is providing them weapon. Just to recall, metros have woman only coaches.Then what is the need of a knife there? When someone is being provided with weapon and no responsibility is expected then everyone knows what happens.The situations will be like woman stabs a man because technical break forced him to lean on him or something more critical.Women will now rob you in a knife point  but you can’t protest or protect because if you now protest pick pocketing you will first be stabbed then will be charges with molestation !

Basically metro is giving women a career choice to openly rob and commit vandalism with knives and to threaten people because you go girl and girl power. So it may be very common incident when women will stab random people or keep some children hostages because she did not like the men breathing in air. Are you shocked and thinking , this is made up and paranoia? wait and watch.

val blurred.jpg

This is just a single example. There are lots of women roaming around like this and yes they travel by metro.You can easily think what these psychopaths can do when they get a free license to kill. Are you thinking to over power her ? Well, you may be a strong super solid one. But in India even Hulk will be charged under rape.When someone comes with a knife you will protest by reflex and then in the oppression loop rapist number will be increased by one.According to current trend of feminism ,as women are being oppressed since Paleozoic age , a man is bound to accept the stabbing else he is a rapist.She can do whatever with that knife.You protest and get tagged as molester.thus the number of molesters and rapists will increase..After all some masculinists are so stubborn always to bring data of 71% false rape cases which causes them bad reputation and foreign funding cut.They have to show India as rape world and have to feed hysteria ,reason? Come one ,some criminals need career.

So what becomes the final result.



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