Why manginas should suffer



So all your life you have been a mangina…. You were one of those guys that have been brainwashed into thinking that your very existence is sexist…. U were one of those guys who always shared things such as “how to treat your woman like princess ” “how women are oppressed by society ” …..

U were one of those boys who constantly rant about respecting every woman irrespective of what kind of person she is…


And then one day without thinking pros and cons ,you got married …U were still trapped in your “every woman is a princess mindset ”
U agreed to her not taking any responsibility and just enjoy her married life….. U never listened to her ex’s because she told you all of them mistreated her
One day you came home tired after working your ass off in the office ….and she told you that she was abused and wanted a separate home… You agreed because you still are one of those dumbfucks that believed 98% women are mistreated by their in laws…. And you separated from your family….you kept on fulfilling her every demand …to meet her expectations of PRINCE CHARMING ……
One fine morning you wake up ,you still remember she never gave you head…..
You go for office and realize you forgot an important file… And you return to fetch that file… And you hear some strange noises coming out of your bedroom….. “Baby that mouth of yours is so awesome ,that dumb head husband of yours doesn’t even know what he is missing….please slow down…I m about to cum”
you opened the door and find her butt naked with the dick of her abusive and asshole ex she told you about in her mouth…
Now you just signed for divorce and you come to know anti-male marriage laws …now you have what you wanted …she just enjoying maintenance without any responsibility towards you….. You also realize what a dumbass you were to believe the stats about 98% when you read “not showing love and affection” as cruelty in DV act.

Now you, when you look in the mirror you see a helpless and enslaved young fellow who once used to be full of life…. You look at your marriage certificate and remember the time you foolishly signed these days papers to your government about how you loved her and you would like to care of her expenses as well her lover’s expenses all throughout your life..


Now after 5-7 yrs …after that tragic incident… You finally got divorced… The 498a case against you was found to be false…. But still you’re not getting any compensation from the court…. Still you felt relieved until one day she again files case on you under DV act…. U argue with the judge abt how your previous case was found to b false and the allegations are same in this case too… only to hear from the judge that filing cases is birth right of an wife …DV act and 498a are different… even though the allegations were same…… As they say history repeats itself,the same was happening to you… just a little early…. you were ordered to pay interim maintenance ..just like before…. The judge told you that it’s your responsibility to maintain your wife…who cares…. She never full filled any responsibilities of a wife… Oh wait..!!! Wife should have rights only…. Nevertheless… Even while undergoing such a struggle in your life.. You decided to give the dating game a shot…. But unfortunately… You notice women are no more interested in you like they were when you used to have your money ,before being sucked by your ex wife….

And cursing you for abusing her…. That moment you realized the truth about patriarchy and male domination that were taught to you in gender studies…. U decided to have a lonely drink and fell asleep with a tear rolling down your cheek with no one to wipe it away




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