Let’s talk about a dying institution –Marriage. Traditionalists don’t get angry. First as per definition of marriage it is “legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship.”. In Indian context system of marriage is quite old.

So now, as you can all just scroll your mouse and go to wiki ,it is unnecessary to discuss about this institution further in details. What is important is to look this institution through the window of evolution of society and it’s true purpose.

Marriage is thought to be held in heaven in India and depicted as a sacrosanct institution in India.

Now you can see social marriage but what is most important is a piece of paper where two souls are legally bound to look after one another. As per Hindu Marriage Act it defines each and every points of legal marriage and it has been amended through times to overcome the marital conflicts.

What is the question now ,is marriage an institution in favor of man or woman. Some people argues marriage is a form of legalized prostitution.. Feminists said marriage is a form of patriarchal oppression.. Well let’s go back to the age of cavemen when resource was less, life was risky and brute muscle power ruled everything. Then as per need women stayed in cave and made a gender role of their own. Now don’t tell me they were forced to do that because at that time no one was to play any game with anybody and it was just the start.

With the evolution of society when resource was less till the time of industry ie.heavy industries, not corporate women preferred to stay at home to feel safe. One can oppose that they were not given the chances, but thing is to say like this is easy after sitting on the top like a queen. Now this age is of corporate age with tertiary sectors where women are getting chances to appear in mass. This sector mainly based on human’s soft skills. But when labor force is needed you can see men rule there. This is the pattern how men and women are biologically formed and there is something -practice. The gender roles have been practiced since the beginning of life even in animal world and this is natural force.

Now with emerging or declining faith of feminism that consistently forces woman to compare themselves with men. If anyone compares ate happiness index of woman  from World war2 then it is declining.

Now on Indian context there are seven rounds in Hindu marriage.(being a Hindu I really have poor knowledge on other religion’s custom and eager to know that)

Now these rituals are done in public so we can conclude these as promise made in front of society. But what marriage is now–a piece of paper and a fragile thing-anytime to be broken. When society remains busy to define the duty of both the spouses, laws remain stagnant. If anyone can remember the dual rule in Bengal starting in 1765 then you can find some terrific similarities. Laws define the duties of a husband but fail to define what a wife should do. As per rituals both take a oath to stay friends and stay together for the rest of the life so, it not it a breach of promise whenever someone files for divorce? Law defines a husband must provide for his wife whatever be the situation “even beg for your wife”. But no instruction for a wife!! In spite of some exceptional case judgments-overall picture is like this–whatever be the situation a court always finds guilty one person–husband.

Women have many laws to protect them but men always becoming disposable gender. Now think you are near your thirties and going to marry. Yes you have some family and societal pressure or  uncontrollable  physical needs . What will you get from marriage? If you analysis it business aspect–then it is a 200% risky business with almost no profit .Only profit is to have a legal heir but investment to have this on a depreciation asset is too much(in modern circumstances).Now you are married after all these warning. Let’s see the bullets waiting to be shot in your head.

download (54)

First– today’s Indian women mainly from urban areas are not your “sanskari bahus”. Don’t expect homemade meal from them. If they do it, take it as a boon to you. You can’t argue whether food was good or bad..else domestic violence.

Second–One day suddenly you discovered that your wife has an extra marital affair. You are too much angry..But you can do nothing,she is immune to any law.

Third–you don’t know is your child is your biological one or not.If you doubt,then you are oppressing your wife and mentally torturing her.

Fourth–you have to give all your monetary asset to her feet..If you fail then she is going to have it by force. Yes laws will help her to suck your blood.

Fifth–you can’t tell her not to meet her ex boyfriends and having sex with them, because you don’t want to be tortured by her fake cases.

Sixth–you want to get rid of an abusive marriage. Laws will still abuse you by forcing you to pay legalised dowry or alimony. She is earning or not-it does not depend. Once you have put the rope around your neck,you will be hanged.

Seventh--there is almost no chance to have child custody, but you have to pay for your child though and you should..But wait–what did you say? You are not your child’s biological father? Shut up patriarch merciless deadbeat dad.!

Eighth— any day any time you can see police standing outside your house to take you and your parents and brothers and sisters(who ever even your dog) to jail,because your beloved oppressed wife wants to do that. You want justice? Ohno.-you are already a criminal.You have to prove that you are innocent. She will be helped by state as she is “Abla nari”.If she is kind then may bless you by demanding interim maintenance. That means she will fuck you with your money and you are paying her to get fucked.

Ninth–Suppose you are lucky enough not to fall in all these traps.. Wait…….you are still not safe.We know you are a good guy ,earns enough.But suddenly you may discover that you have taken dowry at the time of marriage –obviously not in a book,in FIR page. Again you are pre -assumed criminal and it’s your responsibility to prove your innocence.

download (12)

If you can act as a perfect slave then you are a good marriage material ,brother. Never argue with your wife,treat her like a queen so that you can be a slave.But still you are not safe. Queen may want to replace her slave and choose a new ATM man/security guard/provider/slave.

You still think you can escape from all of these?? Then a news for you. Count it as tenth cause —-Marital Rape..

11209464_1568543970090197_3764234148081730371_n One fine morning you will be shifted from your bed to jail. Your offence is you have had sex with your wife,and your wife thinks that was rape. Now don’t argue that sex is conjugal right and having sex with wife is your right.No one can prove marital rape except in some extreme cases. Your sweet address can be changed to jail only by a sweet word from your honey.You may not know that in feminist propaganda each and every heterosexual act of sex is rape because woman gets penetrated by a man in a sexual act. Your love,surprise sex,deep intimacy everything is rape.Do do you want to be tagged as rapist?

146799103867544  Now choice is yours..You earn nothing from marriage..Eventually you discover marriage system was and is always for woman not for man. Man always become loser after getting married. It’s like to capture a free bird in a cage. Warning has been triggered.You can bet all your hard works, your career, your parents-brothers-sisters, your reputation, your money, your most fruitful time in your life –all  in a gamble where winning probability is almost zero. Now if you love adventure go for it. Choice is yours, gain is yours,risk is yours too.




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